star wars Bodes well: It’s The Ultimate Plan

star wars

star wars Bodes well: It’s The Ultimate Plan

star wars Just like the contentions that Abrams didn’t have the foggiest idea about the response to this inquiry and that it was a headcanon at first, there is likewise the contention that noteworthy Rey’s parentage thusly was a definitive arrangement that the huge managers at Disney had from the earliest starting point.


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It’s a thin and far-fetched plausibility, however there is as yet an opportunity this was the course they were setting out toward from the beginning. All things considered, the showrunners of Game of Thrones knew Jon’s parentage from the earliest starting point and realized that they needed to murder off Daenerys.


Doesn’t Make Sense: Snoke Wants To Kill Rey

On the off chance that we come back to the point about the nonattendance of progression in the spin-off set of three, we will see that probably the most serious issue it makes is the nonappearance of rationale in the activities of certain characters. For instance, for what reason does Snoke need to murder Rey in the event that he a subordinate of Palpatine?

Obviously, Palpatine needs to execute Rey a short time later as well, however that happens just once he understands that she has totally joined the light side rather than the clouded side as he needed her to. He could have in any event requested Snoke to carry her to him so he could utilize her capacity to reestablish his prosperity before executing her.


Bodes well: Palpatine Needs A Successor

Legitimately identified with the past point, it would bode well that Palpatine would in the end need a successor for himself. This implies he would most likely take a stab at discovering one again after Anakin had deceived him. This would, thusly, lead him to imagine Rey.

Without a doubt, Palpatine would need to live for whatever length of time that it was humanly and cruelly conceivable, however he would likewise bite the dust sometime in the not so distant future, so a steadfast and committed successor with the forces the clouded side gives the person in question would be ideal for the job of another sovereign.


Doesn’t Make Sense: It’s Lazy Writing

Perhaps the greatest contention against this uncover you most likely previously observed on the Internet is that it’s essentially lethargic composition. As referenced previously, Rey Palpatine was at first only a fan hypothesis which became group in spite of being an undeniable answer for a degree.

This was an idea out move which was a piece of the arrangement that needed to pacify fans as its principle point. The outcome was that neither the fans nor the pundits enjoyed the various clarifications The Rise of Skywalker gave and the inquiries it replied so clumsily that you needed to overlook it as fast as could reasonably be expected.


Bodes well: It’s Kind Of Canon

This will sound dubious, yet the Rey Palpatine headcanon… is somewhat standard. You may have heard that the various Star Wars funnies have been as of late announced as no longer group, however continuations really took numerous story components from these equivalent de-consecrated funnies.

One of such is the tale of how Palpatine utilized the Force to imagine Anakin Skywalker. What kept him from doing likewise with Rey’s mom after he recouped from his thrashing a smidgen? In the event that this is the way he took, at that point it bodes well how and why he is Rey’s dad.