Star Wars Episode IX: 5 Reasons Why The Answer To Rey’s Bloodline Makes Sense (and 5 Why It Doesn’t)

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Star Wars Episode IX: 5 Reasons Why The Answer To Rey’s Bloodline Makes Sense (and 5 Why It Doesn’t)

Star Wars” Rise of Skywalker uncovered a tremendous truth about Rey’s parentage. Her’es why it did and furthermore didn’t bode well!


JAN 07, 2020

Why Last Jedi fans detest Rise of Skywalker

Each Star Wars film is exceptional, however despite the fact that most fans incline toward the first set of three, the most recent talk has for the most part been around the spin-offs from Disney. With the most recent motion picture being discharged exactly toward the finish of 2019, the nine-film long adventure at last had its decision.


Each Star Wars Movie In Chronological Order

The Rise of Skywalker had both amazing and unsurprising minutes, yet by a wide margin the most anticipated one was the uncover of Rey’s parentage. Here are 5 Reasons Why The Answer To Rey’s Bloodline Makes Sense (and 5 Why It Doesn’t).



Doesn’t Make Sense: Palpatine Is Still Alive

We should address the obvious issue at hand: how did Palpatine endure? For what reason would he say he is as yet alive? It has neither rhyme nor reason thinking about that he tumbled down the pole and afterward the Death Star was decimated totally, so there was zero chance he could have made due after such a large number of wounds and a blast.

We didn’t get a clarification for this in the most recent film and there is little expectation we will get this inquiry replied. The main motivation behind why Rey was conceived – in the event that you think about her age and Luke’s and Leia’s ages – is on the grounds that he is alive. In the event that he had considered her before his fall, she would have been a lot more seasoned at this point, so she ought to have been brought into the world after he was vanquished.


Bodes well: Rey Skywalker

Toward the finish of The Rise of Skywalker, a lady on Tatooine approaches Rey for her name and she answers that she is Rey Skywalker. Obviously, this isn’t her genuine last name and she should be Rey Palpatine, yet the courageous woman chooses to guarantee the Skywalker name as her own.

This appears to be consistent due to the fact that she was so near her two coaches who had that last name. In addition, one of the subjects of the set of three is Rey turning out to be who she needs as opposed to following in the strides of her folks, which is the reason she chooses to overlook her “detestable” association with Palpatine and tie her destiny with the “great” name of the Skywalkers.